GACX Forum 2023

Cru is excited to offer 25% off some of our best resources, curated to help you launch movements and make disciples wherever God may be leading you. Use promo code GACX2023 at checkout for the discount; offer valid until November 1!


  • CoJourners Field Guide

    by Keith Davy

    The central insight of CoJourners is under...

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    A Dialogue in Pictures

    Classic image-based conversation tool

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  • Perspective:

    Spiritual Conversation Cards

    A worldview-focused conversation tool

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  • Asking for a Friend:

    An exploration of the Spiritual Questions your Friends Most Commonly Ask

    by Jason Weimer

    This magazine-style resource offers a sincere

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  • Conversation Art Cards: Does God Exist and Other Hard Questions – Presentation version cover image

    Conversation Art Cards:

    Does God Exist and Other Hard Questions – Presentation version

    by Jane Fox

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  • Conversation Art Cards:

    Observe and Listen. Share and Grow.

    by Jane Fox

    Artwork and Image based conversation tool

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  • Like Jesus

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  • The Gospel of Mark

    by Rick James

    An all purpose resource focused on Christ

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  • Box of 100 Bracelet Image

    THE FOUR bracelets

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  • THE FOUR Booklet:

    Companion Booklet (Pack of 10)

    Clearly and memorably give the gospel message

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  • SOARING – Facilitators Guide:

    Your Life Journey by Design (Facilitator Guide)

    Life-coaching evangelistic course for women

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  • Quest – Men: Facilitator Guide:

    a Life-coaching Evangelistic Discovery course for Men

    Life-coaching evangelistic course for men

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  • Swim Lessons

    Swim Lessons:

    Gospel-Shaped Personal Formation for a Drowning Generation

    by Samantha Barnes, Tim Casteel, and Andy Cimbala

    Building Gen Z toward healthy adulthood

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  • Thirsty:

    A Devotional on Living a Spirit-Filled Life

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  • Foundations of Faith:

    Your Relationship with God

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  • Trail Guide:

    A Simple Manual for Understanding the Bible

    by Lindsay Banton

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  • Christian Growth in Five Steps

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  • One Story:

    All of Scripture Points to Christ

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  • 7 Basic Steps To Successful Fasting and Prayer (English)

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  • Mission of God:

    The Gospel & Great Commission from Genesis to Revelation

    by Rick James & Brian Barnett

    7-week study of God's global plans

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    Discovering God’s Heart for the Nations

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  • Frontier People Group product image

    Who are Frontier People Groups

    A unique a family prayer guide

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  • Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening

    by Dan Hayes

    A classic on prayer and revival

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  • The Finishers

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  • Go: Following Jesus to the Ends of the Earth

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  • Go, Do, Say, Give:

    The Freedom and Fruitfulness of Surrender to Jesus

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  • Jacked

    by Shelby Abbott

    A tool for teaching & training a college stud

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  • Placed for a Purpose:

    A Simple and Sustainable Vision for Loving Your Next-Door Neighbors

    by Chris McKinney & Elizabeth McKinney

    A framework for reaching your neighborhood

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