Like Jesus:

following God in the digital age

No doubt our screens have changed society! Studies show this change is for the worse. However, as believers using electronic communications, we can choose to invest our time rather than spend it! Whether it’s an email, text, or comment on social media, we ought to employ God’s design for communication, which will reflect Christ.

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Like Jesus

by Keri Armentrout


In the beginning, God created…conversation.

In the opening scenes of humanity’s existence, God established two necessary conversations: the conversation between God and humans, and the conversation between human and human. As we read in the Bible and as we know from history, our communication with both God and each other is broken—but not irreparable.

Technology has advanced our ability to communicate, both in depth (we can have conversations instantly without waiting the arrival of letters or telegraphs) and in breadth (we can communicate with almost anyone at any time), but it has also brought with it many complications.

Our screens have changed society. There are studies that show some of this change is for the worse, but know this: we can invest our time rather than merely spend it. When we employ God’s design for communication, we will reflect Christ whether we’re on social media, sending a text message, or writing an email.

What if we repurposed our use of technology as a springboard for godly conversations? Can our screens help us be more connected to Jesus and His mission? What would the world look like if we truly followed God in the digital age?

About the Author:

Keri Armentrout has been on staff with Cru for over 20 years as a discipler of students, national conference speaker, social media consultant, and writer for Cru Resources.

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