The Gospel of Mark

Full Color, Glossy Interior, NIV text of Mark, Full-Color Graphic Design, Study Notes, Apologetic Articles, Backstory Gospel Presentation.

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This tool starts with a portion of Scripture-the Gospel of Mark-and focuses solely on the life of Christ. Alongside the text are insightful notes so the reader fully grasp the meaning of the text. Inserted throughout are full-color spreads, carrying classic apologetic content, such as: evidence for the resurrection; the Lord, Liar, or Lunatic argument; and Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Finally, the resource concludes with a clear Gospel presentation following the Backstory format.

Give it away to friends; give it to new people at your weekly meeting; distribute it in a dorm; leave it behind after sharing the Gospel; include it in follow-up to a gospel conversation; go through it as a Bible study.

The Gospel According to Mark is truly an all-purpose resource.

About the author

Rick James

Rick James ends up thinking a lot about evangelism, about how to present Jesus responsibly to college students. In his former role as a speaker for Campus Crusade and publisher of CruPress, Rick is constantly looking for, collecting and creating literature that communicates the Gospel in a truly relevant way. Rick's two degrees, theology and advertising, have convinced him that good communication is nearly as important as good theology. And his Likewise book Jesus Without Religion reflects both, as Rick joins his concern for biblical substance with a care for style, humor, and metaphor. Rick reads Atlantic Monthly, social trend writers like Malcolm Gladwell, and design magazines like Communication and Print. He also enjoys Wes Anderson films.

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Size 10 x 8, 80-pages, Saddle-Stitch, Full Color, Glossy Interior, Complete NIV Text of Mark, Full-Color Graphic Design, Study Notes, Apologetic Articles, Backstory Gospel Presentation.


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