Submissions and Collaborations

Can CruPress® publish me? And How does that work?

Crupress® is different from many Christian publishers in that our focus is on ministry resources, not “Christian books.” We are looking for content that advances evangelism, deepens discipleship, and propels mission.

Except for rare exceptions, we don’t publish fiction, memoir, poetry, or technical writing. And as we receive a lot of submissions for Bible studies, we tend to be quite choosy on which we publish. .

Please read below for specific details and how to submit a project proposal.

Cru® staff and ministries

We want to partner with you in whatever ways we can to bring your ministry resource ideas and needs to life. We offer three collaborative tiers to accomplish this. Regardless of which tier fits your need best, we provide an online shopping platform, warehousing and order fulfillment, and customer service and tech support, all of which allow your resource to reach and equip people far beyond just the scope of your specific ministry.

For those outside of Cru®

Perhaps you have an idea that aligns with our mission. If so, we’d love to take a look!

How to Submit

We seek experienced and talented individuals, helping meet the evolving needs of our ministry

Submissions Closed at this Time

Unfortunately, our editorial load is quite full, so we cannot receive new submissions right now. We anticipate being able to receive proposals again starting in September. Please check back with us then. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Ready to Submit?

Have our PDF filled out and manuscript ready to go? Send directly to our Submissions Manager.

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