Who is Cru Resources? And what do we want to accomplish?

Welcome to crustore.org, your go-to hub for master plan evangelism and evangelistic resources. Whether you’re an individual, a church, or a ministry, we provide evangelistic resources designed to assist you in sharing the Good News. Our focus is on engaging, informative content, enabling you to effectively present the Gospel message to your audience.

Our mission at crustore.org is to empower you to make a difference in your community and beyond with our evangelistic resources. We invite you to explore our website to discover the latest resources that will aid you in your calling to share God’s love.

For over 70 years, Cru has dedicated itself to helping fulfill Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). We’ve ministered among students, athletes, executives, soldiers, the poor and the refugee, and many more, always proclaiming the salvation Jesus offers to all people, and helping His followers grow and learn to multiply their faith among others.

As the publishing ministry of Cru, Cru Resources seeks to serve as a catalyst in this work of spiritual multiplication. We develop and distribute clear, transferable, aesthetic material resources that, when introduced to motivated, Spirit-filled Christians, stimulate and accelerate their ministries of evangelism and discipleship.

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Cru Resources Team

field experience in a variety of ministry contexts

Our team is comprised of full and part-time Cru staff members with field experience in a variety of ministry contexts.

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We seek experienced and talented individuals, helping meet the evolving needs of our ministry

We’re always looking to add innovative writers, editors, designers to our team. Inquire about openings by emailing Jason. Or, if you have a resource or book idea you’d like us to look at, see our Submissions page.

Cru Resources History

What’s the story behind Cru Resources? What need does this ministry meet?

During the first few years of Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru), founder Bill Bright laid several foundation stones that have remained as anchoring values and tactics in our global ministry. One of these was an emphasis on simple, repeatable, transferable training on the basics of the Christian faith and how to present a clear Gospel message. He was “driven by the challenge of how to make the great truths of God understandable to everyday human beings, and in such a way that they, too, would be able to communicate it to others.” (Amazing Faith, by Michael Richardson, p. 71) (link to Amazing Faith page)

In 1956, Dr. Bright put to paper “God’s Plan for Your Life,” a Gospel presentation that staff members would memorize and seek to share in their conversations with non-Christians. This simple message would become “The Four Spiritual Laws,” a codification of the Gospel message that has impacted many millions of people worldwide, and continues to be distributed by the hundreds of thousands annually. To this classic was added a number of other Gospel presentations, tools on explaining how to live a Spirit-filled life, and training on foundational Christian truths. By the 1970’s, Campus Crusade had a burgeoning collection of excellent resources that Dr. Bright and other ministry leaders knew could be a significant blessing to the wider body of Christ.

This desire to share our best and most effective resources with the world led to the creation of our publishing ministry

This desire to share our best and most effective resources with the world led to the creation of our publishing ministry. It’s taken many names over the years—Here’s Life Publishers, New Life Publications, Inspirational Media, to name a few—but its emphasis has remained steady: to help the body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship in a variety of creative ways.

Meanwhile, within Cru’s campus ministry in the early 2000’s, several staff members recognized the need for campus-specific resources aimed at reaching a diverse and changing culture. Out of this recognition, Cru Resources was born, and it developed and supplied campus ministry staff with an abundance of necessary tools.

These two emphases—equipping Christians internally (Cru staff and involved students) and equipping Christians externally (the wider body of Christ)—were brought together a few years ago when New Life Resources merged with CruPress. Our heart remains the same as that of Dr. Bright’s: to make the great truths of God and the wonderful message of His Son’s saving work on our behalf accessible to everyone, and to do so in creative ways that equip and mobilize them to share those truths with the world.

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