Conversation Art Cards:

Does God Exist and Other Hard Questions – Presentation version

Use great art to spur great conversations about life’s greatest questions, such as: Does God exist? How would one know? If He does exist, what is He like? How would His existence change anything about my life? This resource can be used in a multi-week spiritual exploration group or for single conversations on relevant topics.

This “presentation version” is a PDF file formatted to display the artwork and discussion questions on large screens for group settings. Great for ministry in areas where bringing the physical cards would be risky, and for inviting discussion amongst a larger group.

Conversation Art Cards – Presentation version is available here.




Author: Jane Fox

Conversation Art Cards: Does God Exist? and Other Hard Questions is designed to invite all people into a conversation about the existence and nature of God. The images appeal to a sense of beauty, order, and wonder. Whether you enjoy looking at great art or love thought-provoking discussion, this resource is for you. Enjoy it individually or with a small group.

This book contains two parts. The first, “Does Anything Suggest the Existence of God?” examines evidence that points to the existence of God and provides clues about the nature of God. The second part, “Are There Answers to Hard Questions?” addresses topics such as suffering, evil, and the future from a Christian perspective.

Each topic begins with a work of art that starts the conversation. The theme is then developed through quotes and questions that explore both sides of the issue. The final two topics, “In light of God’s kingdom,” presents the main storyline of the Bible and Jesus’s invitation to truly know, experience, and rest in God’s love.

About the author

Jane Fox

Jane Fox loves using art to engage university students with life's big questions. She works with international students at Kansas State University through Bridges International. Jane also enjoys creating new resources as a member of the Bridges International Innovation Team. Her background in education, training in mediation, and passion for art history allow her to communicate the good news about Jesus in relevant, meaningful, and creative ways.


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