By: Tanya Walker
By: Tanya Walker

Soularium cards provides 50 4x6 original photographs and a few simple exploring questions that allow you to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations with others.

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Soularium. 50 images. 5 questions.

Just as sunlight illuminates a solarium, Soularium opens a window to the soul.

Because images connect deeply with our emotions, they enable us to engage in meaningful conversations about life and God. With Soularium you’ll discover just how easy and enjoyable it is to come alongside someone on their journey in life.

Perfect for talking with students, neighbors, co-workers, friends and family––anyone you want to connect with spiritually on a deeper level.

What people are saying about Soularium:

"It's a barrier breaker when it comes to talking about spiritual things. It puts everyone on the same page."

"I have been able to learn things about friends that I never knew and encourage them to really think deeper about their faith and spiritual life.”


Go Deeper.

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Product Details:
Includes 50 4x6 full-color photographic image cards and 5 exploring questions in an easily transportable packet.
ISBN: 1573340626

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Additional Information

Book Authors Tanya Walker
Ministry CruPress
Topic Evangelistic
Media Cards
Language English

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews11

Even shy people open right up to us as we ask them to play this "survey picture game about life." They grab a picture or two that answers our latest question (ex. "which image best describes how your year has gone so far?") then explain why they picked it. Easy peazy and then we move on to the next question, or have someone else (including the host) answer that same question. Instant sharing and bond-building. Leads to laughs and to the gospel too if you play your cards right :)!
On September 27, 2018
We have used this aide at weekly gatherings of 30-100 college age international students at tables of 8-10 with a native English leader. The conversations that developed were astounding.
On September 11, 2019
I am a Christ follower who works with people in crisis in mental health. I discovered one day that images were something that helped to prompt openness and dialogue among the individuals and groups that I was leading in an inpatient mental health facility. When I found Soularium, I used the cards as a prompt to help begin exposing secrets or stories that had been hidden for years. The conversations then led to healing because there was no longer a need to remain trapped in secret emotional pain and peers could support and talk about what really mattered instead of not having a voice. God is working. Thanks!!