Ultimate Training Series 1:

Audience of One

If God alone is worthy of worship, why do we spend so much time worshipping our sport? Are you ready to compete for an audience of one?

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Ultimate Training Series 1: Audience of One:

Who or What do I Worship?


This is the first book in the ultimate training series. Each book will unpack one of the five principles from athletes in action’s ultimate training camp.

These principles are, simply, the Gospel—applied to sport, experienced through sport, and spoken in the language of sport. These five principles are part of a unique curriculum developed by our Athletes In Action staff over the last forty-five years. They will give you a biblical framework to help you see sport as an opportunity to worship God, so you can participate in sport in a way that honors him.

Each principle takes a different story from the Bible and applies the biblical principle from that story to sport and competition. They cover topics like idolatry, motivation, identity, growth, pain and perspective.

The beautiful thing about these principles is that they are God’s principles from his word and apply to life beyond sport as well. Don’t limit them to your athletic career. Apply them to your academic studies, business career, relationships, finances -every area of life.

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About the Author:

While in college, Brian was confronted with the reality that athletes tend to put their identity in their sport instead of with Jesus. Brian realized that his passion is to reach college athletes by introducing them to Jesus Christ and see their lives transformed by experiencing God’s love and forgiveness.

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