Ultimate Training Series 5:

Victory Beyond Competition

Life is short. Your time as an athlete is even shorter. This doesn’t mean that sports don’t matter; rather that you can invest your sport, and all of your life, into building God’s eternal kingdom, not your own. You were made for more than your sport. Are you ready to discover what that is and how to live it out?

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This is the fifth book of the Ultimate Training series. Each book unpacks one of the five principles from Athletes In Action®’s Ultimate Training Camp.

These principles are, simply, the gospel—applied to sport, experienced through sport, and spoken in the language of sport. These five principles are part of a unique curriculum developed by our Athletes In Action staff over the last forty-five years. They will give you a biblical framework to help you see sport as an opportunity to worship God, so you can participate in sport in a way that honors him.

In Victory Beyond Competition, you will learn that God requires total investment today for eternal return tomorrow. You never know when our athletic careers, or even your life, may end. As you focus in on Jesus’s Parable of the Talents, you will learn about stewardship and making choices based on future realities with an unknown timeline.

Investing your sport and life in God’s kingdom not only aligns you with His mission in the world, but it also positions you to experience the most joy possible as an athlete

About the Author:

While in college, Brian Smith was confronted with the reality that athletes tend to put their identity in their sport instead of with Jesus. Brian realized that his passion is to reach college athletes by introducing them to Jesus Christ and see their lives transformed by experiencing God’s love and forgiveness.

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