Trusting Jesus:

Navigating the Most Common Challenges Grad Students Face

Grad school offers incredible opportunities and experiences. But it also brings significant challenges. Trusting Jesus uncovers and guides you toward true hope in the midst of these challenges. Through this study, you’ll develop a greater heart for trusting Jesus while in grad school, learn practical truths that will help you navigate through the highs and lows of grad life, and find hope that will inspire others around you to trust Jesus to

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Grad school offers incredible opportunities and experiences. But it also brings significant challenges that discourage and that can even derail our best-laid plans.
If you are like most grad students, you have faced at least one of the following: fear and anxiety, isolation, pride / the imposter syndrome, work/life balance, relationships, and finding purpose and meaning in work. But there is good news! The challenges don’t have to define you. Instead, God can use them to develop and bless you–and others.


Whether you’re exploring who Jesus is for the first time and are new to studying the Bible or you’ve been a Christian for years, this book was designed to help you learn what God has to say about these challenges and how to face them victoriously. In short, this book was designed to help you trust Jesus while in grad school.

About the author

Chad Young and Ashley Holleman

Written by two former grad students who understand these challenges, Encountering Jesus will lead you toward a more genuine relationship with God and help you to discover what God has in store for you in – and beyond - grad school.


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