Military Family Bundle

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Defending the Military Marriage

Defending the Military Marriage is a small-group study designed to help a military couple defend their marriage with honor, guard it with vigilance, and preserve it with love.

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Defending the Military Family

Defending the Military Family is a small-group study designed to help military families build a successful home.

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Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready

Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready is a small group study designed to help military couples stand together when duty calls them apart.

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Bundle 3 great resources for the Military Family:

  1. Defending the Military Marriage
  2. Defending the Military Family
  3. Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready

Defending the Military Marriage

Military couples face daunting challenges. Most couples will never know the stress of the demands brought on by protecting and defending a nation. It’s no wonder so many military marriages don’t survive.

But that can change by bringing the soldering mentality home to the defense of your marriage and drawing strength from other couples. Together, learn how to:

  • Remain committed to each other in the face of a life of uncertainty
  • Stay close during separations and deployment
  • Understand each other’s needs upon homecoming
  • Face financial challenges together
  • Fight temptations while apart


Your marriage is your most critical mission. Report for duty!

Defending the Military Family

Servicemen and women get first-class training to complete their mission defending life and liberty, but sometimes lack the training they need in facing the unique challenges of raising children in todays dynamic military.

As members of the military, their families face unique situations that many in the civilian world will never confront.

Time-tested principles you will find this study will be a practical and enlightening way to gain great insight into how to deal with the issues you face in raising your children while in the military.

If you or your spouse is serving in the armed forces, you understand the unique parenting challenges of military families.

LTC (USA, Ret) Jim Fishback is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He served with the United States Army for more than 20 years. Jim and Bea were married in 1975 and have two grown children, Jamie and Joni.

Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready

“You brought us back from the brink. . . now we are facing toward Christ instead of away.”
Military Marriage Seminar attendee

Divorce rates among military families are at epidemic proportions with repeated deployments and the normal challenges of military life taking their toll. The most vulnerable victims of family stress are military children. Many of the solutions to family unity are spiritual in nature. Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready is an important part of a ministry to establish Hope on the Home Front and give families the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready (2023) uses time tested marriage principles and prepares military couples with the necessary tools to counter deployment challenges and bring hope and victory to active duty, Guard and Reserve families. It is the definitive small group Bible study for preparing a couple to live victoriously despite the stresses of deployments and today’s demanding military lifestyle.

Session 1: Deployment Threats

Session 2: Mission Planning

Session 3: Staying Connected with Each Other

Session 4: Thriving During Deployment

Session 5: Smoothing the Return Home

Session 6: Reaching the High Ground of a Godly Legacy


Defending the Military Marriage

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