Set Apart and Sent (Ebook)

This 7-week small group Bible study of the book of Daniel will show how believers were set apart by God to live a life of faith and holiness in the midst of an ungodly and secular land. And show how God sent these people to proclaim the excellencies of God to the non-believers amongst them with wisdom and tact. There is much modern-Christians can learn about God and emulate from these Old Testament believers in the book of Daniel!




Have you wondered how to live as a Christian in a challenging, secular, and materialist world? Have you desired to live set apart for Christ, while also being sent by Christ to engage the world in an authentic way about Christ? Have you desired to live in Christian community, while not living exclusively in a self-affirming Christian bubble? Well…the book of Daniel was written, in part, as an example for just these reasons. That’s right, a book written approximately 2,500 years ago speaks clearly to the reality we are facing today as Christians in this world! In addition, Daniel was written to be a testimony to the sovereign, enduring glory, and power of God. And Daniel and his friends were able to make that glory known in a secular environment amongst non-believers.

In chapters 1-6 we’ll see how these believers pursued a relationship with God, while also dramatically proclaiming the salvation of God with humility and boldness. This will result in radically altering the spiritual journey of one anti-God king and many other lives. Then in chapter 7, we’ll look into a prophetic glimpse of our Messiah, Jesus Christ, and how this reality should affect the way we live today.

Printed in the Daniel study is the entire text of Scripture of the first seven chapters of Daniel (NIV). Each study begins with a short introduction, followed by discussion questions and a clarifying article that ties up the study. It is designed to be used for personal Bible study and/or small group discussion.

About the author

Brian Barnett

Brian Barnett is the team leader for the campus ministry of Cru in Southeast Virginia. He has served in the campus ministry for 18 years. He has been married to his wife, Brooke, for 17 years and has two young children, Graham and Cara.


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