Conversation Art Cards – Presentation version

Conversation Art Cards invite thoughtful exploration of some of the crucial elements of life and what it means to be human – love, parents, home, tradition, music, compassion. Discussion questions open the door for conversations that direct people toward Jesus.

This “presentation version” is PDF file formatted to display the artwork and discussion questions on large screens for group settings. Great for ministry in areas where bringing the physical cards would be risky, and for inviting discussion amongst a larger group.

Conversation Art Cards: Does God Exist and Other Hard Questions – Presentation version is available here.




Author: Jane Fox

Created by Bridges International and initially designed for ministry with international students, Conversation Art Cards are designed to initiate conversations on all dimensions of life. For this very reason, they are effective in any ministry setting.

The concept is simple: on the front of the card is a work of art that explores a crucial aspect of life and what it means to be human – love, parents, home, tradition, music, compassion, God, and other similar subjects. On the back of the card, you’ll find a series of thought-provoking questions to help guide the conversation.

Conversation flows easily and naturally to deeper things-spiritual matters and gospel content, among others-providing multiple opportunities to share your faith in Jesus Christ.

About the author

Jane Fox

Jane Fox loves using art to engage university students with life's big questions. She works with international students at Kansas State University through Bridges International. Jane also enjoys creating new resources as a member of the Bridges International Innovation Team. Her background in education, training in mediation, and passion for art history allow her to communicate the good news about Jesus in relevant, meaningful, and creative ways.


  • All You Need is Love Woman Taken in Adultery
  • Creativity Summer
  • End of Life Sorrowing Old Man
  • Fake It Till You Make It The Water Carrier of Seville
  • Generosity vs. Greed Generosity versus Greed
  • A Good Name Surcoat
  • Happy Hour The Three Races or Equality before the Law
  • Haters Gonna Hate The Three Races or Equality before the Law
  • Hero Story Mosaic of Christ
  • Honor Your Parents My Parents After 40 Years of Marriage
  • Let Yourself Be Seen Orphan Girl at the Cemetery
  • Managing Time Part of the Qingming Scroll
  • Music: the Universal Language The Guitar Player
  • A New Beginning Sphinx of Hatshepsut
  • Performance A Lady Playing the Tanpura
  • Pursuing Intimacy and Pleasure in Sex
  • Risk St. Paul in Prison
  • The Rhythm of Life The Young Amphibians
  • Satisfying Friendships The Banjo Lesson
  • Significance: Where Does It Come From? Sphinx of Hatshepsut
  • A Single Story Willow Tree
  • Scream! The Scream
  • Vanitas Still Life with Bouquet and Skull
  • We Love Beauty Portrait of a Young Man
  • What Do We Adore? Relief Sculpture


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