Backstory – Life @ Large Revisited (Ebook)

This is a simple, clear, highly intuitive tool used for sharing the gospel in a narrative and visual way.

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This is a simple, clear, highly intuitive tool used for sharing the gospel in a narrative and visual way.

There are billions of people in the world with billions of stories. And yet there are themes in our stories that are universal: betrayal, love, sacrifice, romance, and redemption. The real question, however, is if there’s a larger story or narrative to which all of our stories relate—one that makes sense of our shared experience via a common backstory.

This booklet explains that common backstory in a clear presentation of the gospel:

  • Intimacy: God created us to know him
  • Betrayal: Humanity rebelled and sin separated us from him
  • Anticipation: The Bible promises a coming Deliverer
  • Pursuit: The coming of Christ
  • Sacrifice: Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • Invitation: God invites us to return to him
  • Reunion: The future relationship to come, and eternal life

As one can see, Backstory – Life @ Large Revisited provides a broader, more comprehensive explanation of the gospel and thus a more compelling case for Christ. You can use the booklet to explain the gospel, stimulate a spiritual conversation, or to give to someone as a ‘read on your own’ gospel summary.

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About the Authors:

As Executive Director of Research and Development for Cru, Keith Davy has helped spearhead innovation for more effective ministry in today’s rapidly changing cultural landscape. Having earned his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Magna Cum Laude), Keith has taught evangelism on both the collegiate and seminary level, been a frequent retreat and conference speaker, as well as a writer and an elder in his local church.

Rick James served as director of Cru Resources and publisher of Cru Press. He is author of numerous Cru resources as well as Jesus Without Religion (InterVarsity Press, 2006), A Million Ways to Die (Cook, 2010), and Watch (NavPress, 2017). Rick’s MDiv is from Trinity and PhD from Southeastern Seminary. He lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his wife Katie, and they have three grown, wonderful children.



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