The Significant Woman (Mandarin) Facilitator Guide

This new 206-page Mandarin version of the Facilitator Guide makes it easy for any woman to facilitate The Significant Woman life-coaching discipleship course.

***Please also order this needed booklet pack that is used in the course for free here.

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Life Coaching Discipleship Course

Use in Person or Virtually

Many women want to go from where they are to where they want to be. They want to know their purpose and grow in their relationship with God. The Significant Woman small group discipleship course helps them do that in an enjoyable life-coaching environment. The Significant Woman Facilitator Guide helps you easily facilitate this life-changing discipleship course that helps women:

  • Be encouraged to take the next step in their personal journey with Christ.
  • Creatively grasp and apply the truth that their worth comes from Christ.
  • Discover and celebrate how uniquely God has created them.
  • Articulate their core values and identify their personal mission, which is a reflection of God’s purpose and His mission.
  • Begin to see how they can live in light of who they are and in light of their relationship with God and what He has called them to do.

“I recently led three groups of women through the life-coaching resource The Significant Woman. I have never seen this much life change in just 10 weeks’ time…”
Cathy O’Neil, Women’s Ministry Leader

The Significant Woman course can be done in a group or, if needed, one-on-one. It can be done in person or virtually.

This user-friendly Facilitator Guide includes the Participant Book with notes on how to facilitate each page. In the printed version women will fill out the life-coaching tools in the book. In the ebook version women will put their answers to the life-coaching tools in a document they create or they can write them in a journal or on paper.

Receive free facilitator coaching and ask any questions at If you purchase the ebook Facilitator Guide, email for FREE downloads of some key life-coaching tools at the same address. Check out “the significant woman” on Facebook. The Significant Woman course is a resource of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ. It is in over 25 languages and used in more than 50 countries.


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