The Ferret Flush® Discipleship Workbook

Ferret Flush® offers new card games and workbooks for your spiritual and emotional well-being. Ferret out life’s unexpected situations with God and others with these fun and innovative tools.

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Launch a discipleship group of 3-6 creatures to grow your spiritual and emotional well-being. Welcome those who are curious and new to faith. Each creature (including the leader) needs their own workbook. There are a total of six Chats. Each Chat takes 45 minutes to complete. The workbook is made to accompany the card game, Ferret Flush®. At least one Original Pack is needed.

Here are three things you’ll get out of this workbook. First, you’ll grow in your awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions to life’s situations. Second, you’ll grow in connection with God and one another by articulating your awarenesses. Lastly, you’ll have fun integrating new tools in your everyday life!

About the author

Olympian Brittany Viola & Anthony Gonzalez

Ferret Flush® was created by Olympian Brittany Viola & Anthony Gonzalez, a joyful married couple who like to laugh. Going deeper, each has committed to deal with the roots of their mental and emotional struggles. Using keys from their own healing journeys, they created Ferret Flush® and other resources as easy tools anyone can use to better their emotional well-being. They’re passionate about helping others join the adventure with Jesus and heal with humor!


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