Step 10 – Exploring the New Testament (Ebook)

Step 10: Exploring the New Testament explains the focus of the four Gospels and highlights the exciting beginning of the Church.

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A Study by Bill Bright

What is the key idea of each book in the New Testament? Why do we have four Gospels? Why did Paul write so many letters? And what is in store for us in the not-too-distant future?

When you hold a copy of the New Testament in your hands, do you wonder how and when the books were written and how they were collected together in one volume?

This step explores the answers and surveys the message of the New Testament as a whole.

This study shows the focus of the four Gospels and highlights the exciting beginning of the Church. Through your study of the Epistles, you will witness the faith, struggles and teachings of the early Christians and catch a glimpse into your future.

In this study you will:

  • See God’s plan for redemption unveiled
  • Learn the essence of the gospel
  • Discover God’s true purpose for you

Step 10: Exploring the New Testament is part of the Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity, a time-tested study series designed to provide you with a sure foundation for your faith, and to help you share your faith joyfully with others.

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