SOARING – Facilitators Guide:

Your Life Journey by Design (Facilitator Guide)

This Facilitator Guide equips you to facilitate each SOARING Life-Coaching Group session.

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Are you looking for a unique way to reach the hearts of non-Christian women and share the gospel with them? Would you like to have a small group evangelistic resource to use in your neighborhood, on your campus, in your office, or with friends or family? SOARING may be the very resource you’re looking for.

SOARING is a small group evangelistic, life-coaching course that any Christian woman can easily facilitate. In this course women identify and celebrate their uniqueness, consider God as their life foundation and discover their direction in life as they pursue their personal life design.

The Facilitator Guide equips you to facilitate each Life-Coaching Group session. Facilitator notes, positioned on each participant page, explain how to facilitate the content for your group members.

Additional input and instructions are included in the Facilitator Instructions section and on supplemental pages. The Facilitator Guide also includes four copies of the mini-book, Can God Meet the Longing of Your Heart? All of this makes facilitating this course easy and enjoyable.

When inviting women, you explain that this course covers all areas of life—relational, vocational and spiritual—and that you will be sharing from your life, including your spiritual perspective as a Christian. Since this is a Christian website and most of the women in your group will be non-Christians, it is recommended that you purchase the Participant Books for your group and have the women reimburse you.

SOARING contains a clear and simple presentation of how Christ can become a woman’s life foundation. The course is designed to ensure an ongoing, positive community environment for the group, no matter what each woman’s response is to the idea of God as their life foundation.

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