Postcards From Corinth:

Revisiting Discipleship

Postcards from Corinth elevates our practice of personal discipleship making.

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Written by Rick James and Betty Churchill

In the last two decades Cru Campus Ministry has made significant changes in ministering to a new generation of students. Yet these changes often never trickle down to the level of personal discipleship, as we continue to disciple students the same way as always. There is a knowledge gap in our discipleship and if you are not aware of it simply ask anyone in the ministry how the leadership, evangelism, and growth models effect their one-on-one discipleship, and see what you get for an answer.

Postcards from Corinth is an attempt to update and elevate our practice of personal discipleship and to fill in the gaps of missing wisdom. What is in this book is what has been missing from our discipleship process.

The book is divided into four major sections.

  • The first dealing with the transformation that is the goal of personal discipleship.
  • The second section deals with issues of sin, as it is the enemy of spiritual growth.
  • The third division looks at gender considerations as we are growing into either godly men or women.
  • The fourth section is marked off for topics concerning ministry (sharing the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Basic Follow-up, etc).


Following ministry topics is a series of shorter, quick-read articles. Last is the section entitled “foundations and history” which grounds us and brings us back to some fundamental principles of Cru discipleship (from Roger Hershey and Jim Sylvester) that have no expiration date. Includes article contributions from: Roger Hershey, Marc Rutter, Lori Fleener, Will Walker, Laurie Menefee, Jim Sylvester, Tim Henderson, Shannon Compere and other campus leaders.

47 chapters and articles including

  • Learning: The lost art of making people feel stupid
  • How I learned to disciple a transsexual
  • Please Cooperate: What’s our part and what’s God’s in spiritual growth?
  • Honest to God: The psalmist’s argument for emotionally authenticity
  • Trial Lawyer: Coaching a disciple through adversity
  • Daughters of Eve: The case against androgynous discipleship
  • Blow Pops: Finding life and growth out of the ashes of destructive sin
  • Making an Impact: A primer on cross-cultural discipleship
  • Under Challenged: Why no one responds to your invitations
  • Multiple Movements: On discipling leaders of ministries


Softcover 268 pages






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