MAGDALENA: Through Her Eyes

Mary Magdalene acts as both narrator and participant in Magdalena: Through Her Eyes, as she traces through the story of lives that have come into contact with this man, Jesus, and have been powerfully released from shame.

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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes DVD

23 Languages

produced by Nardine Productions®

made available by Jesus film

Running Time-60 minutes

We are excited to introduce our newest product, Magdalena: Through Her Eyes 1 Hour Edition. Created specifically to be a tangible evangelism tool, the 1-Hour Edition contains the 60-minute version of the film.

Deep in hopelessness, one woman found freedom as she was delivered from her past.

Magdalena: Through Her Eyes reveals what can happen when women refuse to live in defeat and choose to discover their real value. It is the true story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene: a story of tenderness, freedom and purpose. Journey with women of our past to discover hope for your future.

DVD Contains 23 Languages: Arabic, Bengali (2 Dialects), Cantonese, English, Farsi (Persian), French, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Mandarin, Mararhi, Nepali, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu (Pakistan) and Vietnamese. Subtitled in Chinese, Dutchy, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish.


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