Four Sevens (Ebook)

Four Sevens introduces students to the concept of a daily quiet time.

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Ebook Four Sevens introduces students to the concept of a daily quiet time.

Showing someone how to have a daily devotion is an essential part of personal discipleship and this resource was specifically designed to help you do that, or to help jump-start your own devotional life if it’s been lacking.

Four Sevens begins with a commitment to spend time with the Lord each day for 28 days. The devotions are written in such a way to demonstrate how to structure a devotional time.

Over the next four weeks, study of the Word follows along with the Gospel of Luke: learning about Jesus, learning to be Christ-centered, learning about the Great Commission.

Introductory content explains:

  • how and why to have a quiet time
  • how to study a passage
  • the ACTS model of prayer
  • why Bible translations differ
  • how to start a prayer journal
  • content foundational to a daily time with the Lord

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