Set of 5 Articles Author: Rick James - Series Editor The reason for the Critical Concept series is that there are important topics not covered in our Transferable Concepts that are, for any number of reasons, of critical concern to us today. Islam, for example, is currently not a topic that can be glossed over or ignored. Important concepts like this require more in-depth treatment, which is a discipleship challenge when so few people are willing to read books. And so we have the Critical Concept series. Each article is roughly the length of a book chapter--about 16 pages. So it's not a book, but it's not a pamphlet either. There's enough room to develop and teach these important spiritual and ministry concepts. This is the first batch (Volume 1) of Critical Concepts. It contains five, 16-page, full-color booklets addressing the following topics: Heaven and Hell: Alternative Endings Worldviews: War of the Worlds God's Will: The Art of Discerning the Will of God Missions/ Great Commission: Mission Impossible Christ-centered Bible Study: Hearing the Music of the Gospel As every resource we produce has a reason for its existence somewhere in the categories of Win, Build, and Send, this is a Build tool, specifically for more advanced discipleship. It's great content for student leaders to read particularly over summers or spring and winter breaks. In Volume 2 (scheduled for release next Spring) we'll look at Islam, our Evangelism Model, is Jesus the only way? the reliability of Scripture, as well as other Critical Concepts (if you have suggestions just e-mail).