The Significant Woman Facilitator Guide

Life Coaching Discipleship Course for Women

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Life Coaching Discipleship Course for Women

Authors: Susan Heckmann, Gail Porter & Diann Feldman

206 pages, full-color

Facilitator Guide

This beautiful four-color book makes it easy for any woman to facilitate The Significant Woman life-coaching discipleship course.

Each participant page has facilitator notes positioned at the top of the page in an easy-to- recognize rectangular box. The facilitator instructions for The Significant Woman, at the front of the book, cover everything from ideas for challenging women to be in your group to scheduling options to how to plan a celebration at the end of The Significant Woman course.

Preparation notes are included at the beginning of each session. The icons on each page give you suggested time allotments for The Significant Woman activities, PowerPoint slide numbers to follow and an indication of biblically based life principles represented in the acronym PEARLS that help women:


  • Be encouraged to take the next step in their personal journey with Christ
  • Creatively grasp and apply the truth that their worth comes from Christ.
  • Discover and celebrate how uniquely God has created them.
  • Articulate their core values and identify their personal mission, which is a reflection of God’s purpose and His mission.
  • Begin to see how they can live in light of who they are and in light of their relationship with God and what He has called them to do.


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