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Partner Thank You Piece

This piece features three stories (Win, Build and Send) and the successes that occurred through the U.S. Campus Ministry during the 2021-2022 school year.

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This is an great piece to send to your partners/donors for MPD or for your Campus team development.  Exciting stories highlight what God has done through the U.S. Campus Ministry school year.

Sample written page:

Your partnership and generosity are having an eternal impact. You make it possible for Cru® to equip and mobilize this generation of students and faculty to share Christ’s love with others.

God is transforming lost people into Christ-centered multiplying disciples, and lives are being changed. Cru’s mission to win, build, and send in the power of the Holy Spirit has remained the same throughout the last seven decades. We adapt our strategies to share the gospel effectively with each generation because our commitment to help fulfill the Great Commission remains steadfast.

Thank you for your partnership in helping to bring the gospel to the campus and to the world!




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