An Unbreakable Habit of Purity in a Pornographic World



"If you're like most men, sexual purity, lust and pornography are constant struggles. This book will not change that. A vasectomy won't change that. Death ... okay, death will put an end to the struggle. But until such time, you have a battle on your hands and there's no running from it, or hiding under the sofa" -Rick James (Author)


Guys and Porn

FLESH (Men's Edition) deals fearlessly with lust, sex and pornography in a clear, comprehensive manner. This much-needed resource is aimed at high schoolers, college students and twenty-somethings who have been weaned on the internet and are surrounded by sexual imagery.


Written in a straightforward, gracious and ofton humorous style, FLESH does not stir up guilt but helps readers develop an unbreakable habit of purity amidst a pornographic world. Small group Bible study materials are included, as well as daily devotionals to transform the heart and mind on the way to establishing new habits of purity.


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