Discovering God in Chinese Characters
By: Other Authors
Discovering God in Chinese Characters
By: Other Authors

This unique booklet breaks down 10 Chinese characters to their most basic form, telling the story of a creator God, His purposes in creating mankind, plans for man's salvation, and an opportunity to exercise faith in this loving God.

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A Unique Way to Reach Your Chinese Friends!

The oldest ideographic forms of Chinese were carved on bones and tortoise shells. They were first discovered during the late Shang Dynasty, around 1300 BC. Scholars in China and Asia have spent many years studying these bone oracle characters and many books have been written on them. This booklet is unique in that, by breaking down ten characters to their most basic form, they tell the story of a creator God; his purposes in creating mankind; plans for man's salvation; and an opportunity to exercise faith in this loving God.

What this booklet's objectives are:
1. To tell the salvation story through the ancient and modern Chinese characters as its etymological roots reveal startling correlations with the Bible.
2. To give readers a chance to respond to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ via the culture of the Chinese language.
3. Allow people to ask questions about Jesus Christ.

Who is this booklet for?
1. Chinese non-Christians
2. Non-Chinese Christians interested in the language
3. Non-English, non-Christians interested in the language

This booklet does not:
1. Question the historicity of the Chinese language.
2. Prove definitively that all the bone oracle characters can only be interpreted this way, however, when you study many more characters, the correlations are persuasive in and of themselves.
3. Present a Westerner's perspective of the Chinese characters as these discoveries were made by Chinese scholars in China and in South-East Asia.

Pack of 10 Booklets

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Customer Reviews11

Expensive but excellent tract that briefly tells how the ancient Chinese were aware of ”the Heavenly Emperor” Shan Ti and recognized Him as Creator and knew of Noah’s flood, the Fall of man in the Garden, etc.