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  1. BASICS Discussion Guide

    Adapted from the best-selling discipleship materials written by Bill Bright (the Transferable Concepts and the Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity) BASICS is a seven-lesson series in one easy-to-use workbook. Learn More
  2. Building Teamwork in Your Marriage

    Your spouse is not your enemy! Learn to view your spouse as your teammate, and grow closer to your spouse through God's design for marriage. In six sessions couples will learn the importance of recognizing their differences, committing to mutual dependability, and learning to trust and to be trusted. Learn More
  3. Christian Growth in Five Steps

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    Christian Growth in Five Steps is the newly redesigned edition of the resource Five Steps of Christian Growth Study Guide. Learn More
  4. Cru.Comm

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    Version 3.0 has been completely rewritten and redesigned. The same Christ-centered teaching model that our staff have been trained in through Bible Study Methods and Biblical Interpretation and Communication tracks now informs each Cru.Comm study. And they've been redesigned with a new brighter, cleaner look. Learn More
  5. Faith Is Not a Feeling

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    In Faith Is Not a Feeling, Ney Bailey reveals how life's tragedies and challenges lead us to an important decision about how we will relate to God. Readers discover how to experience true peace and confidently take God at his word as never before.

    Learn More
  6. James

    This is the first of the Cru Press Community studies covering the entire New Testament book of James in eight Bible studies. Each study covers a major theme of the book such as temptations, trials, faith, humility, taming the tongue, and more. It also contains additional Bible studies and content from what currently exists in the online version in The Community.

    Learn More
  7. One Story

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    In the One Story Guidebook you’ll learn how to study various genres of Scripture "Christocentrically." Learn More
  8. SOARING: Your Life Journey by Design (Participant Book)

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    This beautifully designed, easy-to-use book helps guide each woman through the SOARING life-coaching course.

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  9. The Connect Cards

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    A Creative Resource for Small Group Leaders
    Deeper connections are critical to a Small Group and creating them is a formidable challenge. So here is a resource—creative ideas and content—to help your Small Group make those connections: Connecting with God, Connecting with Scripture, Connecting with the Mission, and Connecting with One Another. Learn More
  10. The Ultimate Roadtrip

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    The Ultimate Road Trip provides the practical help you'll need to point people to Jesus Christ. The creative format and real-life stories will teach, encourage, and entertain you, so the time you invest in preparing for your group will be as rewarding and enjoyable as the group itself. Learn More

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

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