Mature Discipleship

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  1. A Grander Story: An Invitation to Christian Professors

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    An Invitation to Christian Professors

    A Grander Story
    both inspires and equips Christian faculty to think differently about their lives and work, encouraging them to help usher in the day when movements of Christ-following professors on every campus will be used by God to bless those around them and the world. Learn More
  2. Dating During the Apocalypse

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    And Other Conversations on God, Sex, and Life Dating During the Apocalypse is a collaboration of essays from 32 female writers of all ages and from different walks of life. In sharing their stories as well as their thoughts on some of the things God has taught them over the years, their hope is that you will grow to become all that Jesus desires for you—his plans, his designs…for you. Learn More
  3. Faith Is Not a Feeling

    In Faith Is Not a Feeling, Ney Bailey reveals how life's tragedies and challenges lead us to an important decision about how we will relate to God. Readers discover how to experience true peace and confidently take God at his word as never before.

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  4. Passages

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    Passages: CoJourners Devotional provides biblical motivation and training for sharing Christ with friends as well as recent acquaintances. The daily meditations in God's word aid in breaking down walls and personal barriers to evangelism. Learn More
  5. Practical Christian Living - PCL Leader's Guide

    The Practical Christian Living Leader's Guide will equip you with the tools needed to lead brothers and sisters in Christ through the two part Practical Christian Living series. Learn More

    Seers, Sayers, Schemers & Saints looks at leaders in the Bible: good leaders, bad leaders, and everything in between. God has given us these stories of real men and women who were called upon to step up and lead, and reflecting on what they did-or did not do-and how they went about doing it, is an invaluable study and exercise for anyone in any capacity leading God's people.

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  7. The Master Plan of Evangelism - Pocket Book

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    Announcing the Good News of God's kingdom has always been the top priority of His followers. The Master Plan of Evangelism has helped Christians in this task since it was first printed in 1963. Learn More

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