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  1. CoJourners Field Guide

    The central insight of CoJourners is understanding the roles (Explorer, Guide, Builder, and Mentor) we play in relating to others in their spiritual journeys. Assuming a role, we intuit what’s most appropriate, and that changes our methods entirely. Learn More
  2. Getting Biblical About Evangelism

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    Getting Biblical About Evangelism helps you clear the fog, not by telling you what to think, but by letting you discover for yourself why evangelism is one of the greatest privileges given a follower of Christ and one of the greatest needs for the world today. Learn More
  3. Jacked

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    Jacked is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and observations about expanding God's kingdom authored by Shelby Abbott. Learn More
  4. Life Concepts

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    Follow-Up Series for New Believers including Assurance of Salvation, Forgiveness of the Believer, Filling of the Spirit, Walking in the Spirit and Spiritual Growth. Learn More
  5. Passages

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    Passages: CoJourners Devotional provides biblical motivation and training for sharing Christ with friends as well as recent acquaintances. The daily meditations in God's word aid in breaking down walls and personal barriers to evangelism. Learn More

    Seers, Sayers, Schemers & Saints looks at leaders in the Bible: good leaders, bad leaders, and everything in between. God has given us these stories of real men and women who were called upon to step up and lead, and reflecting on what they did-or did not do-and how they went about doing it, is an invaluable study and exercise for anyone in any capacity leading God's people.

    Learn More
  7. Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity - Step 7 - The Christian and Witnessing

    Step 7: The Christian and Witnessing will help you to develop the confidence to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit as a way of life to those around you.

    Learn More
  8. The Master Plan of Evangelism - Pocket Book

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    Announcing the Good News of God's kingdom has always been the top priority of His followers. The Master Plan of Evangelism has helped Christians in this task since it was first printed in 1963. Learn More
  9. Transferable Concept 6 -  Introduce Others to Christ

    In How You Can Introduce Others to Christ, Dr. Bill Bright walks you through leading your friends, neighbors, or loved ones to Christ in a prayer of personal commitment. Learn More
  10. Transferable Concepts / Bible Study Series

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    The time-tested series of messages that teach the principles of the abundant Christian life and ministry. Learn More

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