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  1. 7 Basic Steps To Successful Fasting & Prayer (English)

    This reference guide will help make your time with the Lord more spiritually rewarding by giving you practical information on fasting and prayer.

    Package of 10 booklets Learn More

  2. Conversation Art Cards

    Conversation Art Cards Observe and Listen. Share and Grow.

    by Jane Fox

    The concept is simple: on the front of the card is a work of art that explores a crucial aspect of life and what it means to be human: love, parents, home, tradition, music, compassion, God, and other similar subjects. Learn More
  3. Intransit: A Guide to Navigating Life After College

    The transition between college and "the real world" is one of the most difficult stages in all of life, and doubly so for Christians who must find a new faith community at the same time as they are navigating the challenges of cities, housing, finances, friends, dating, and a secular workplace. Learn More
  4. James

    This is the first of the Cru Press Community studies covering the entire New Testament book of James in eight Bible studies. Each study covers a major theme of the book such as temptations, trials, faith, humility, taming the tongue, and more. It also contains additional Bible studies and content from what currently exists in the online version in The Community.

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  5. Knowing God Personally - Reconciled into God's Family (pack of 25)

    Knowing God Personally - Reconciled into God's Family (packs of 25) reflects themes of all people being made in God's image and being reconciled into God's family to be more reflective of God's heart for oneness. It affirms the inherent dignity and value of all people and highlights that the good news is not only being reconciled to God, but also being included in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural family. Learn More
  6. Mentoring One Another: Thriving Spiritually in Academia

    Mentoring One Another: Thriving Spiritually in Academia contains time tested, life-on-life studies for faculty, graduate students and other postgraduate academics. This study is especially designed to equip professors to meet the challenges of thriving spiritually in the place where God has called them-today's highly secular university.

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  7. Pressure Points: A Guide to Navigating Student Stress

    This humorous, poignant, and conversational guide invites young men and women to practically apply gospel solutions to all of life's pressures, big or small. Learn More
  8. Putting Together the Pieces

    Putting Together the Pieces: How to make Sense of the Old Testament
    Putting Together the Pieces is a companion to One Story: How All of Scripture Points to Christ. Together, they are meant to help you read, study, and understand the Bible. Learn More

    Seers, Sayers, Schemers & Saints looks at leaders in the Bible: good leaders, bad leaders, and everything in between. God has given us these stories of real men and women who were called upon to step up and lead, and reflecting on what they did-or did not do-and how they went about doing it, is an invaluable study and exercise for anyone in any capacity leading God's people.

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