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  1. Getting Biblical About Evangelism

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    Getting Biblical About Evangelism helps you clear the fog, not by telling you what to think, but by letting you discover for yourself why evangelism is one of the greatest privileges given a follower of Christ and one of the greatest needs for the world today. Learn More
  2. Passages

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    Passages: CoJourners Devotional provides biblical motivation and training for sharing Christ with friends as well as recent acquaintances. The daily meditations in God's word aid in breaking down walls and personal barriers to evangelism. Learn More
  3. Perspective (Spiritual Conversation Cards)

    Perspective is a new evangelism tool: a deck of playing cards similar to Soularium, but addressing the issue of worldview, turning this evangelism obstacle into an open door for the gospel. Learn More

    Soularium cards provides 50 4x6 original photographs and a few simple exploring questions that allow you to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations with others.

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    The Words Project contains 16 topic cards and 18 descriptor cards designed to help guide conversation and get to know people on a deeper level.

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  6. What Matters? Spiritual Conversation Cards

    Spiritual Conversation Cards

    What Matters in Life? What Matters to You? What Matters to God? This is a conversation worth having. Jesus Christ said some of the most revolutionary, counter-cultural things ever. These teachings are captured in 8 themed Conversation Cards, that open an honest dialogue on What Matters most in life and What Matters to God. Learn More

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

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