by Dan Hayes [I] saw something...never witnessed before, the president and all of the faculty on their knees together praying for the unsaved students under their care. - Linfield College, Global Awakening of 1907 For over two decades, Fireseeds has inspired us to pray, to expect the impossible, and to trust God for new works of His Spirit - in our lives and on the campus. Fireseeds is a proven tool for igniting campus wide, student-led prayer. But it is more than a book on prayer. It is a book of stories; stories of great prayer movements, revivals, and the students who gave leadership to them. All too frequently the Church has fallen into lethargy in relation to its world-wide obligations. But God does not leave Himself without a witness. Whether it be a Nicolas Von Zinzendorf, a Samuel Mills, a C. T. Studd, a Robert Wilder, a John Mott, a Jim Elliot or a hundred others who could be named, God singles out a man to prophesy to His church. And with remarkable frequency that man has been a student. This is not simply a reprint of an old classic. Fireseeds has been updated and expanded to include recent accounts of student revivals as well as stories from around the world and not just the U.S. The new Fireseeds also recounts the contribution of women to these revivals as they are often overshadowed, and contains an additional chapter on the filling of the Spirit (including the Satisfied Prayer Experience). Last, the revised version opens with a foreword by Mark Gauthier, and a vision to trust God for movements everywhere. Fireseeds is the Campus Ministry resource to expand student faith and expectancy; burden hearts for repentance and revival; and launch movements of student-led prayer. Paperback 184 pages Cru Press ISBN 1573340634