Created by Tim Henderson Campus Director at Penn State and Rick James Publisher of CruPress. Various contributors. 43 Discipleship lessons and 4 talks on discipleship As legendary discipler Roger Hershey says, a mature disciple is one who walks by faith, communicates their faith, and multiplies their faith. The Compass is a tool from Centerfield Productions designed to help staff and student disciplers guide other students through the process of becoming mature disciples. Version 2.0 has been freshly updated with a sweet new look that matches the new design of Cru.Comm. In addition to over 45 lesson files, The Compass contains a number of other resources including a series of four talks by Roger Hershey on the right reasons, people, components, and content for discipleship. Discipleship is at the heart of our mission to turn lost students into Christ-centered laborers. The Compass is a tool that can give clarity to discipleship program on your campus and help your disciplers do an excellent job. CD-Rom Cru Centerfield Productions