Pack of 10 Backstory is the new and revised version of Life@Large. We took all the best elements of the original version, simplified it, clarified it, and made it highly intuitive to use and wonderfully visual to look at. The result is a very simple, very graphic, very clear presentation of the gospel message. Here is the opening premise: There are seven billion people in the world. Seven billion stories. And yet there are themes in our stories that are universal: betrayal, love, romance, redemption, sacrifice . . . The question is if there's a larger story or narrative to which all our stories relate, one that makes sense of our shared experience a common Back Story. The booklet goes on to explain the back story which, of course, is the gospel: 1) Intimacy: God created us to know him 2) Betrayal: Humanity rebelled and sin separated us from him 3) Anticipation: The Scriptures promise of a coming Deliverer 4) Pursuit: The coming of Christ 5) Sacrifice: Jesus' death and resurrection 6) Invitation: God invites us to return to him 7) Reunion: The age to come, judgment and eternal life. As you can see, Backstory provides a broader more comprehensive explanation of the gospel and thus a more compelling case for Christ. You can use the booklet to explain the gospel, stimulate a spiritual conversation, or give to someone as a 'read on your own' gospel summary. A complimentary copy of Backstory is now available in every Soularium kit.