A special compilation of 24 favorite messages from CruTraining (CSU) and Big Break at Easter, all on one CD, all in MP3 format so you can listen while on your computer or in your car or while at home. Each of these talks is a leading Christian authority. You'll be challenged and blessed as each one shares from their heart.Rick Warren challenges us to live the Purpose Driven Life John Eldridge speaks on Wild at Heart Peter Briscoe portrays the Judgment Seat of Christ Howard Hendricks helps you to discern God's will Ron Hutchcraft challenges you to Reach the Lost Tim Muehlhoff points you to our hope, the Return of Christ Larry Crabb gives you insights into the process of spiritual growth Tim Downs offers some practical wisdom on the Problem of Evil Dennis Rainey shows how to live with moral conviction Nancy DeMoss calls us to humility and surrender.Share these messages with friends, or simply enjoy a powerful talk from several of today's best Christian communicators. Audio CD MP3 format (An MP3 compatible player is required.) 16 Hours CCCAudio