Author: Shelby Abbott Look Inside

Addressed in the book: singleness, sexual purity, breaking up with grace and truth, healthy communication habits, do’s and don’t of dating, friendship, technology, encouraging the opposite sex, asking someone out, and central to it all—the Lordship of Christ.

This is a ministry tool to address the many Christian mingling-singling hanging-sexting-clarifying-abstaining dating issues that take up a good chunk of our discipleship times. Flesh and Fantasy are the Campus Ministry resources dealing with sexual purity and while they touch on dating, that’s not their focus.

What we’ve needed is a specific tool addressing this subject now—today—in a world we merely co-inhabit with our smartphones, which has changed absolutely everything about dating. And we’ve needed a dating resource that’s specific to Cru: committed to mission, and unique to our students who have their own Cru-ish way of dating. This is that resource.

The book is written by Shelby Abbott, emcee of just about everything for the last fifteen years. Shelby has a personal dating testimony that’s above reproach, strong convictions on sexual purity, a sense of humor that allows him to traffic in touchy subjects, and he’s relevant and credible with students. In short, Shelby’s an ideal spokesperson for Cru on the topic of dating.

Forward by Matt Smethurst, Editor, The Gospel Coalition.

196 pages, softcover

Published by Cru Press

ISBN 1-57334-095-2