Building a Biblical Philosophy Author: Keith Davy & Daniela Byers The newly updated second edition of Building a Biblical Philosophy of Evangelism. Evangelism . . . The word causes emotional reactions among those who believe and those who don't. Fear, guilt, offensiveness, defensiveness - reactions abound. So do the approaches, opinions and confusion regarding it. Getting Biblical About Evangelism helps you clear the fog, not by telling you what to think, but by letting you discover for yourself why evangelism is one of the greatest privileges given a follower of Christ and one of the greatest needs for the world today. Guiding you through a study of fourteen key passages from the Bible, Getting Biblical About Evangelism enables you to develop a truly biblical philosophy of evangelism, providing the foundation for a lifetime of fruitful witness. What Cru staff have said: God used the 14 passages to increase my vision and heart for interacting and reaching out in different relational ways even to various groups on campus. I long for such a subject to be on the forefront of our entire staff team. As I did this study, my heart was stirred in the area of evangelism. I think the study helped me to be more bold and have a new kind of love for the lost. As a result, I stepped out more and even saw God draw two students into a relationship with Himself. Spiralbound 76 Pages Cru Press No ISBN