Evangelistic BookletPackage of 25 Booklets Look Inside Take advantage of new packaging and quantity discounts! You no longer have to order in preset package quantities of 300 or 1,800 booklets to get the best price. You can now order the exact quantity you need. The more you buy, the more you save. New discount tiers: 1-11 standard packs* - Save 15% 12-71 standard packs* - Save 25% 72+ standard packs* - Save 45% (*each standard pack contains 25 booklets) This Spanish language booklet is based upon the time-proven Four Spiritual Laws. It focuses on four spiritual principles (rather than laws) for establishing a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ that is personal. Here is a transferable tool to introduce others to Christ in a non-confronting, conversational format. Booklet in Spanish 16 Pages Cru ISBN 1563992531