How to Share Your Faith With Confidence Look Inside Author: Bill Bright Think of your own friends, neighbors or family. Are there people who need to know Christ? Most Christians would like to tell people about their faith in God. Yet a small percentage ever experience the joy and satisfaction of leading others to faith in Christ. WHY? * FEAR of rejection and ridicule. * FEAR that their attempts to speak of their faith will lead to conflict. * FEAR of not knowing what to say or how to say it. Witnessing does not have to be a dreaded Christian duty. Just released on DVD, this classic evangelism training tool should be in your personal library. Two bi-lingual disks contain all six sessions of the original video series. A third disk allows you to print the lesson guides in both English and Spanish as you need them. It is for every believer--men and women, young or old, extroverted or reserved. The training does not require a large commitment of time or memorization work. The DVD's have six one-hour lessons. Use it in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. Join the tens of thousands like you who have learned to sensitively share the gospel with others. This series will-- * Motivate you to witness * Help you recognize opportunities to share your faith * Equip you with proven, easy-to-use methods of sharing your faith * Overcome the fears that we all have experienced. What Makes This Different? Reaching Your World Through Witnessing Without Fear cost more than a half-million dollars to produce and was directed by Christian film director Jim Collier, who also made such major motion pictures as China Cry and The Hiding Place. Second, the sessions deal with real fears and realistic steps of application. That makes them personal and motivating. As you view the sessions, you will come to understand how God can use you to draw others toward Christ. The new package of Reaching Your World Through Witnessing Without Fear contains: *Two DVD's containing all six sessions *One CD-ROM containing all the print materials necessary for facilitating, participating, or self-study. (In English and Spanish) *One copy each of The Four Spiritual Laws, Would You Like to Know God Personally, and The Spirit-Filled Life booklets. For quality, effectiveness and value, you will find this to be the best evangelism resource you have ever seen.