One-of-a-kind 40-day Bible study and devotional to help couples connect during military deployment separation, and stay connected as they look forward to reintegration after the deployment separation period is over. Divorce rates among military families are at epidemic proportions with repeated deployments and the normal challenges of military life taking their toll. Many of the solutions to the anxieties military couples experience are spiritual in nature. Our Connection: Staying Close When Worlds Apart is an important resource tool to give couples the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and His design and plan for marriage. Counter deployment challenges and bring hope and victory to active duty, Guard and Reserve service, as a military couple who lives victoriously despite the stresses of deployments and todays demanding military lifestyle. The Authors Our Connection: Staying Close When Worlds Apart benefits from the wisdom and experience of Military Ministrys senior marriage ministry leaders. Written by Jim and Bea Fishback and Mike and Linda Montgomery. Edited by military spouse Elizabeth Tyrrell and Military Ministry staff member Karen Watkins.