Bargain packs of 25 mini-books

24 full-color pages (3 ½ by 4 ¼ size)


This new glossy, full color mini-book, with its captivating introduction and creative design, can be a life-changing resource to help non-Christians come to know God in a personal way. The mini-book presents one woman’s story of how she began a personal relationship with God and how He is now her life foundation. Taken from the Knowing God Personally booklet, the four essential points presented in this mini-book help people recognize the unmet longing of their hearts and realize that God desires to be their life foundation and meet their heart longing. It includes an opportunity to begin a personal relationship with Christ as well as suggestions for how to grow in their new faith.

The mini-book provides a helpful basis for one-on-one or small group interaction on the topic of knowing God personally. It is also an effective piece you can leave with or mail to people for them to consider how they can have a personal relationship with God.

Designed as a stand-alone product, this mini-book can also be used with the evangelistic, life-coaching course SOARING or other evangelistic resources or opportunities.