About Us

Who We Are!

Cru Resources is a ministry of Cru. Our goal is to equip and encourage you as an active Christian by providing proven and effective resources that help you advance the Great Commission. We publish and distribute ministry resources that have been developed by the staff and ministries of Cru to serve and empower churches, staff members, and individual believers like you who have a heart for ministry. These tools will help build spiritual movements and advance the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We also offer selected materials from other popular and relevant Christian leaders that are used by Cru staff in their work.

Cru Resources supports the evangelism and discipleship efforts of millions of Christians and serves thousands of churches, denominations and organizations around the world helping them grow in faith and mobilizing people to become more effective messengers of the Gospel. By providing these proven resources developed by the largest Christian organization in the world, Cru Resources is in the unique position to provide the best resources to meet the ministry purpose that you are seeking.

Our Vision

Cru Resources seeks to glorify God by maximizing media of every sort, print, eBooks, video, digital, and emerging technologies to equip and empower the Body of Christ to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. Our desire is to serve and equip you, your church, and other ministries with proven and effective resource tools that support the ministry that God has given you a vision for and to advance the Great Commission.

We believe our ministry is playing a strategic part in Cru’s stated role –helping fulfill the Great Commission in this generation by building spiritual movements everywhere. This is done through dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit, winning people to faith in Christ, building them in their faith, and sending them to repeat the process.

Our History

From our beginning in 1989, Cru Resources has been helping churches and individual Christians with a heart for ministry find the best resources to accomplish the specific ministry God has placed on their heart. This includes resources from evangelism, through discipleship and spiritual multiplication.

Cru Resources has never been just a "bookstore" or a merely a distribution center for materials, but a resource center where Christians could receive help with effectively accomplishing ministry through building spiritual movements where God has placed them. We are not a business, but a ministry that seeks to serve the staff members of Cru as well as churches and individual believers beyond the organization who are passionate about obedience to the Great Commission.

Originally serving churches and believers outside of Cru, in 2001, Cru Resources assumed responsibility for distribution of resources to the organization's staff members.

In 2003, Cru Resources assumed responsibilities for publishing Campus Crusade's essential materials. The number of ministry resources that are offered has grown over the years to provide hundreds of titles.

Cru Resources continues to serve as a ministry that provides the best resources to further the Great Commission to equip and mobilize churches and individual Christians with a heart for ministry. By equipping other believers to reach their own spheres of influence, the impact of Cru continues to reach far beyond what could be done through traditional direct ministry alone.

How may we help you accomplish the ministry vision that God has placed on your heart?