Transferable Concepts / Bible Study Series (Spanish)

Transferable Concepts / Bible Study Series (Spanish)

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The time-tested Transferable Concept series teaches the principles of the abundant Christian life and ministry.


Booklets in Spanish

The time-tested series of messages that teach the principles of the abundant Christian life and ministry. These are the essential "How To's" which every Christian, newborn or with many years of maturity, need to know and remember.

The Transferable Concepts were designed for spiritual multiplication and are based on truth that can be simply and powerfully communicated from one person to another.

Concept 1
How you can be sure you are a Christian provides the assurance of salvation.                                          See more Info
Concept 2
How you can experience God's love and forgiveness illustrates the necessity of "spiritual breathing".          See more Info
Concept 3
How you can be filled with the Holy Spirit presents the ministry of the Holy Spirit.                                   See more Info
Concept 4
How you can walk in the Spirit instructs Christians how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.                   See more Info
Concept 5
How you can be a fruitful witness shows the preparation and skills needed to introduce others to Christ.   See more Info
Concept 6
How you can introduce others to Christ trains you to use the Four Spiritual Laws gospel presentation.      See more Info
Concept 7
How you can help fulfill the Great Commission
examines the command "make disciples of all nations".       See more Info
Concept 8
How you can love by faith helps Christians demonstrate Christ's supernatural agape love.                         See more Info
Concept 9
How you can pray with confidence - shows how God unleashes His power in response to prayer.               See more Info
Concept 10
How you can experience the adventure of giving challenges you to give of your time and talents.               See more Info
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Additional Information

Author Bill Bright
Topic Transferable Concepts Series
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Language Spanish